Freescale DSP56002


Der Freescale DSP56002 wird am NTB nicht mehr eingesetzt. Dieser Artikel wird deshalb nicht mehr aktualisiert und dient nur noch zur Archivierung.


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  • Digital Signal Processing Core
  • Efficient, object code compatible, 24-bit 56000 family DSP engine
  • Up to 33 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)
  • 30.3 ns instruction cycle at 66 MHz
  • Up to 198 Million Operations Per Second (MOPS) at 66 MHz
  • Performs a 1024-point complex Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in 59,898 clocks
  • Highly parallel instruction set with unique DSP addressing modes
  • Two 56-bit accumulators including extension byte
  • Parallel 24 x 24-bit multiply-accumulate in 1 instruction cycle (2 clock cycles)
  • Double precision 48 x 48-bit multiply with 96-bit result in 6 instruction cycles
  • 56-bit addition/subtraction in 1 instruction cycle
  • Fractional and integer arithmetic with support for multiprecision arithmetic
  • Hardware support for block-floating point FFT-hardware nested DO loops
  • Zero-overhead fast interrupts (2 instruction cycles)
  • Four 24-bit internal data buses and three 16-bit internal address buses for maximum information transfer on-chip
  • On-chip Harvard architecture permitting simultaneous accesses to program and two data memories
  • 512 x 24-bit on-chip Program RAM and 64 x 24-bit bootstrap ROM
  • Two 256 x 24-bit on-chip data RAMs
  • Two 256 x 24-bit on-chip data ROMs containing sine, A-law and µ-law tables
  • External memory expansion with 16-bit address and 24-bit data buses
  • Bootstrap loading from external data bus, Host Interface, or Serial Communications Interface
  • Byte-wide Host Interface (HI) with Direct Memory Access (DMA) support
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) to communicate with codecs and synchronous serial devices
  • Up to thirty two software-selectable time slots in Network mode
  • Serial Communication Interface (SCI) for full-duplex asynchronous communications
  • 24-bit timer/event counter also generates and measures digital waveforms
  • On-chip peripheral registers memory mapped in data memory space
  • Double-buffered peripherals


Motorola 56k2EVM

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