NTB Teststand


user name: ubuntu password: ubuntu PC name: pcinf040-linux

EtherCATStack (Acontis)

Get from Acontis or checkout from in https://svn.ntb.ch/inf/ch.ntb.inf.ECTeststand/EtherCAT_acontis/ To run demo application class B and A: Run scripts/preparation.sh to load the drivers for EtherCAT. This script has to be run once after boot.

sudo ./EcMasterDemoEval -f /home/ubuntu/svn/ch.ntb.inf.ECTeststand/ENI/10_ENI_2Elmo_1000ms_extended.xml -i8254x 1 1 -perf
sudo ./EcMasterDemoDc -f /home/ubuntu/svn/ch.ntb.inf.ECTeststand/ENI/10_ENI_2Elmo_1000ms_extended.xml -i8254x 1 1 -perf



Run cmake.sh to build and install. The script does not include the copying of the two external libraries, see ecmasterlib and EtherCATInterface#install_ecmasterlib



Run scripts/cmake.sh to build and install.
Run scripts/startExampleStandalone.sh to start the standalone example.
Run scripts/startExampleEEROS.sh to start the EEROS example.

The CMakeLists.txt in interface, example_eeros, example_standalone are empty, because cmake.sh compiles these directories directly. However, make sure that the include_directory setting in CMakeLists.txt (of the root directory) are correct for your actual settings.


All datasheets and the EtherCAT stack from Acontis is stored in the following repository:

Test Program

The test program for the test stand can be found in /home/ubuntu/etherCATInterfaceElmo under example_eeros.