BeagleBone Blue


The BeagleBone Blue is a single board computer with a 1GHz Texas Instruments Sitara AM335x (single core) and 512 MB RAM. Further, there is a HDMI connection, 2 GB eMMC Flash, USB, Ethernet, microSD and various digital I/O and ADC.

Quick Start

A new BeagleBone Blue board comes with debian preinstalled. It can be connected to a host with a USB cable. Upon booting a heart beat application starts automatically which causes the leds to blink. We strongly suggest to flash the board with our custom built linux image. This image contains the librobotcontrol version 1.1.0 together with examples testing all the available peripherals.

The preinstalled debian image has the following features
IP address
Username:debian PW:temppwd
Beside that you have a root user with password:toor

If anything does not work with your Ethernet over USB interface, you can use the console on UART0 to query your system. For this you need a special USB-TTL-3v3 cable. Connect it to the pins on the board as follows

NOTE: TX and RX are labelled from the perspective of the UART Cable! Connect the cable/adapter's RX to the pin labelled RX (Pin 4) and the adapter's TX to 'TX' (Pin 3).


The following figure shows the available connectors on the board.

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