Beaglebone Blue

The bblue machine provides a platform for the BeagleBone Blue hardware using a real time kernel.

Building Images

Follow the Setup and Building guide to set up the build environment and add the following to local.conf:

MACHINE = "bblue"

WIFI_SSID = "<ssid>"
WIFI_PSK = "<password>"

Make sure to change <ssid> and <password> to the SSID and password corresponding to your wifi. If wifi is not needed, WIFI_SSID and WIFI_PSK can be omitted.

Getting Images

Prebuilt images can be obtained from our Linux Images page. Extract it and flash it onto a micro SD card.

Booting from the Image

Currently the instructions only cover booting from the micro SD card slot.

Insert the micro SD card into the beaglebone blue and hold down the 'SD' button located next to the servo headers. Supply the beaglebone blue with power using the 12V barrel jack or the micro USB port. Let go of the 'SD' button after a few secongs.

Accessing the Board

Images based on ost-image (such as the prebuilt ones) support using the beaglebone blue's microUSB port as a virtual network adapter with DHCP. After plugging it in, your PC should recognize a new network connection and get an IP address in the range; most likely Now the beaglebone blue can be reached at over ssh.

user ost
pw ost

The root user is also available over ssh in development images (such as ost-devel image).

Using WLAN

The ssid and password might have to be changed in a prebuilt image according to your local setup. Modify the file /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf by replacing the ssid with your WLAN name and set the password to your password. Your router will assign an IP address in the 192.168.1.xx range. Check for the assigned number with sudo /sbin/ip a and search for the entry wlan0.

Developing for the Board

See SDKs and specifically SDK.