Carrier Card Design

Some of the pins of the board are dedicated to a predefined function, some of the pins can be assigned a desired function. This assignment is made within the kernel of your operating system or dependent software drivers. Please check The function of the PL pins are determined by the Configuration Files.


Your carrier card must supply the MicroZed board as follows:

5V5VJX1 57, 58, 59, 60
3.3VVCCO_B34JX1 78, 79, 80
3.3VVCCO_B35JX2 78, 79, 80
Gnd0Vseveral on JX1 and JX2

Other necessary voltages (1.0V, 1.8V, 1.5V, 3.3V) are generated directly on the MicroZed board.

The board will draw approximately 1.2A from the 5V supply. The current drawn on the IO-Bank supplies VCCO_B34 and VCCO_B35 is approximately the sum of all currents on the pins of the two banks.


The Zynq7000 has a power-on reset pin (PS_POR_B). The corresponding net designator on the MicroZed board is PG_MODULE. The signal is available on J2 (pin 11). Tie this pin to '0' with a push button to reset the whole board. This reset will also sample the state of the boot mode jumpers on the MicroZed board which determine the boot mode. We recommend to add a push button on this signal to allow to completely reset the board without the need to unplug the USB cable.

There is a second reset pin on J1 (pin 6). Tieing this pin to '0' will reset the board without sampling the boot mode pins. The push button SW2 on the MicroZed board does the same, so there is no need to repeat it on the carrier board.

Digital I/O

The electrical specification of the pins of the PL (FPGA part) are determined by IO-Bank supplies 3.3V_B34 and 3.3V_B35, see above. Pins of the MIO (bank 500) are of 3.3V type. Please be aware that all the flink devices such as PWM, FQD or UART have the same voltage levels as regular IO pins.
WARNING For interconnections to other devices such as processors or sensors you have to strictly adhere to the maximum voltage allowed. To be on the safe side we recommend using overvoltage protection with Zener diodes as used on our Adapter for Microzed Board.


The MicroZed board incorporates an ADC (XADC). In order to use this XADC, you have to choose the appropriate Configuration File.

You can also connect an external ADC128S102 (general purpose, 8 channels) or a AD7476 (1 channel, for IR distance sensors). Please refer to Adapter for Microzed Board for proper connections. The electrical specifications are determined by the external circuitry of the ADCs.