Tune BIOS Settings

In order to achieve the best possible real-time performance, some options can be set in the BIOS menu. The options below are taken from a BIOS on a Dell machine. Computers from other manufacturers may contain similar options.

Which options are ideal depends on the system. It is normally recommended to disable 'C-State Control'. However, a test system (Dell Tower OPTIPLEX 9010; 2 x i7-3770 @3.4Gz) showed better performance with this option enabled.

  • Performance
    • Multi Core Support
      • All
        • Allowing only one core can increase the real-time performance a little bit. However, the performance would be greatly reduced. → Use all cores
    • Intel SpeedStep
      • Disable
        • The processor stays at highest performance state
    • C-State Control
      • Disable
    • Intel TurboBoost
      • Disable
    • HyperThread control
      • Disable