meta-ost is a collection of yocto/OpenEmbedded layers containing the following recipes and machines:



meta-ost contains all recipes that are not dependent on any specific machine/layer.

recipe user password description
ost-user ost ost standard user with sudo privileges
- root - default root user that comes with yocto

Note: The root user login is disabled on production images (ssh & local), use ost-user instead.

(recipe) name description
ost-image base image containing OST specific customizations
kernel modules
recipe description
flink flink
fpga-loader fpga_loader
recipe description
libeeros EEROS
libucl libucl
udhcpc-service SystemD service to bring up ethernet using udhcpc (dhcp client)


meta-ost-toradex contains all recipes that depend or are otherwise specific to toradex modules and their yocto layers.

version RT? compatible machines comment
all RT & nonRT cb20 appends linux-toradex & linux-toradex-rt
recipe description
u-boot-toradex append u-boot to use cb20 device tree by default


machines layer description
x86-rt meta-ost Generic x86 with RT kernel
bblue meta-ost Beaglebone Blue
cb20 meta-ost-toradex OST CB20 Board


ost-distro distribution for production images
ost-devel distribution for development images based on ost-distro

ost-distro vs ost-devel - Development vs Production Images

While ost-distro is intended to be used for production images and provides some base settings such as configuring SystemD as the init-System and .ipk as the package format of choice, ost-devel builds on ost-distro but modifies the configuration to be more amenable for images used during development.

The most notable difference between a development and production image is that the production image disables root login and ships with a read only filesystem for extra resilience in case of power cuts/improper shutdowns.

Images built with ost-devel allow for passwordless root login and mount the root filesystem as read/write. Additionally, ost-devel adds ostdevel to OVERRIDES allowing recipes to easily change their behavior for development or production images.

For example:

MY_VAR = "default value used in production images (when not using ost-devel)"
MY_VAR:ostdevel = "value used when using ost-devel (i.e. in development images)"

For more information about bitbake overrides, check the bitbake manual.

This is used in ost-image to include additional packages in the development image such as strace, usbutils and evtest. For a full list of the additional packages, check


Feature / Machine cb20 bblue
SDK t t
RT t t
RO-FS t t
flink t
cyclictest t o
ROS o o
wlan t
librobotcontrol t
t (tested) confirmed working
u untested, but should work
w work in progress
o open
not applicable

Performance Tests